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watchOS 8: Apple Unveils new Health Apps

Apple is updating the Health app with new capabilities aimed at making it simpler to recognize, quantify, and comprehend health changes over time.

By monitoring gait speed and evenness. Mobility tracking will soon record a new Walking Steadiness measure to estimate your fall risk. Apple will use the information to classify your stability and track how it varies over time.

Apple is also including extensive explanations to assist customers in comprehending test results. These will help you to see if the results are within expected ranges. And to receive further information on the metrics. You can also examine long-term trends in metrics like steps, sleep, and so on with Trends.

There’s also a new feature that allows you to securely share your health data with your doctor. Allowing doctors to view health records and identify trends over time. This can also be shared with family members or a care team. So that you can keep track of significant changes in your family’s personal health metrics.

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