The next version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 11, will help you focus.

With its feature called Focus Session, Windows 11 will help you improve your productivity, with an added bonus of Spotify integration.

Create your concentration bubble with Focus Session

As the name suggests. The Focus Session will be a productivity tool designed to allow you to be focus – or focus-on your work. This new feature will be configurable and will allow you, for example, to define a timer and a task. Moreover extracted from the Microsoft Tasks application.

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If all this remains quite classic in use. It is undoubtedly the integration of Spotify that is the most interesting feature for the moment. Even if you can launch the dedicated app next to it, having it on hand when you start a Focus Session can save even more time and, above all, avoid “inadvertently” clicking on Twitter and therefore risk getting lost for hours.

We do not yet know if the Focus Session Spotify widget will allow you to choose music from your own playlists or if Windows will impose something depending on the chosen tasks. In any case, given the difficulties encountered to install Windows 11 on a PC not quite recent. Few will be the people to be able to take advantage of it as soon as the OS is released.

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