The Inevitable Colonization of Space – The Future of Humanity

Professor Stephen Hawkins

During a video presentation, at the Tencent Web Summit in Beijing, he gave the human species less than 600 years before we will need to leave Earth. He says and I quote

‘We are running out of space and the only places to go to are other worlds’

This creates a lot of discussion on why colonization of space is inevitable. Thou the actual timeline isn’t clear but here is what we know.

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To understand this let’s first explain what does it mean by human colonization of space?

Well in simple terms  this means space settlement

And in a nutshell, this is a political concept of space advocacy for permanent human habitation and exploitation of natural resources outside the planet Earth.

This brings us to our 2nd question Who are the pioneers of space settlement?

As compared to the initial times where space exploration was a rivalry between superpowers all this has shift soo fast to a different courtyard

And today it’s in  the billionaires tuff

all who have different concepts and approaches to space colonization

Speaking of space colonization 4 names automatically come to our minds

  1. South-African-Canadian-American billionaire Elon Musk, behind SpaceX and a project to colonize Mars.
  2. American billionaire Jeff Bezos, behind Blue Origin with an aim to establishing a true industrial base in space.
  3. British billionaire Richard Branson, behind Virgin Galactic/Virgin Orbit and space tourism, at low-cost and intercontinental suborbital transit
  4. Finally, we have the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, backing the Breakthrough Starshot project for an interstellar probe.

The third question we answer is What is The objective of each billionaire?

Elon Musk

Has  an objective to make Mars habitable for human life

When asked why is he escaping from earth?

He says..

In a recent interview, he says ‘ It will take 1,000 spaceships and “a million tons” of vitamin C to make life on Mars sustainable, Otherwise “you’re going to die slowly and painfully.”

That’s because to live on Mars, “we need to have a self-sustaining city”

Elon believes that to preserve humanity’s advancement it is necessary to have a backup and the backup is Mars.

Through space X currently a Transportation system to space. Musk believes that by creating reusable Starship it will be possible to launch three times a day on average.

For Elon, he wants to use resources from the earth to make life possible in mars

Here is where the difference start to come in


Space X and Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos believes that there are an unlimited amount of resources on the moon and ones the New Shepherd jet is ready and lands on the moon this will open a great opportunity to utilize resources from the moon to  make possible creation of O’Neill cylinders to build up huge space colonies, and eventually have 1 trillion people living and working in space

Here is what he says on the O’Neill cylinder


The Blue Origin engine, which has been in development for years, has tallied 1,245 seconds of test-fire time. It is meant to power the company’s National Team Human Landing System lunar lander.

Musk plans to send a SpaceX rocket to Mars, with cargo only, by 2022, according to the SpaceX website. A second mission, which would take more cargo and crew, is targeted for 2024. Musk has also said he’ll send a million people to Mars by 2050.

“I’ll probably be long dead before Mars becomes self-sustaining,” Musk told Ars Technica. “But I’d like to at least be around to see a bunch of ships land on Mars.”

  • Musk, the founder of SpaceX, wants to launch people to Mars, establish a self-sustaining city there, and use the red planet as a base from which to further explore the solar system.
  • Bezos, meanwhile, talks of using his rocket company, Blue Origin, to put a permanent base on the moon, build up huge space colonies, and eventually have 1 trillion people living and working in space.


The 2 billionaires seem to be very different

But there are some similarities irrespective of the rivalry between these 2 companies.

Space is a big place, one rich with resources and adventure for the taking. So if you’re the imaginative type, leaving Earth offers near-limitless opportunities for humanity’s expansion.

These two grandiose dreams are markedly different, and their owners occasionally spar about the details. But it’s not inconceivable that their two companies will one day work together in space.

Here’s what Musk and Bezos have said of their ambitious visions, and how they’re different yet also surprisingly similar.

Musk has been obsessed with Mars for decades.

  1. Both understand to get to space is a long Way and it very expensive therefore they all are working on the reusable  booster to cut the cost
  2. In the end, Bezos and Musk’s visions, while different, aren’t so dissimilar: They both want to make access to space cheaper, enable people to live and work there and expand the horizons of humanity.

Just as the US and Russia (among other nations) have learned to work together to pull off major feats such as the construction and maintenance of the International Space Station it is not unreasonable to think that SpaceX and Blue Origin may one day cooperate to achieve the impossible

Finally, we get what is the end goal with space colonization

I call it


A major concern of Hawking, and others, is that climate change is already causing rapid sea-level rise. It is possible that, if this progression isn’t diminished by a cut in emissions, a significant percentage of what is currently land will be underwater. (This is, of course, in addition to the other life-threatening effects of climate change.) Additionally, as this continues, populations are set to continue increasing, which could have disastrous consequences. Hawking is confident that within the next few hundred years, Earth will no longer be a habitable option for humans.

With ongoing projects by NASA, SpaceX, and both private and government agencies around the globe, it is likely that within the next few decades we will land humans on Mars. And, between proposals to terraform Mars and innovative designs like those from the Mars City Design competitions, it is possible that, if humans must leave earth, the red planet could one day be our alternate home.

Food for thought

With billionaires joining the race to colonize space what is there end goal?

  1. Space X is a commercial transport system

meaning they are in business

for stats Elon said a round ticket to Mars could cost a single person any where between $100,000 – &500,000

he continues to say : that price would be low enough that most people in advance economies could selltheir home on earth and move to mars if they want”

this leaves as with the question

and food for thought

what will happen when eventually Hawkins dooms day arrive

will Mars be the planet for the rich or will it accommodate all of us??

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