Samsung Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6 which is better?

We all understand the chip shortage in the tech space. While this is still a challenge to most tech giant companies. Samsung was able to bring the S21 FE, though late at least it’s here. And with its arrival comes, the price bargain between the $699 S21 FE Vs $599 Google Pixel 6.

and in this article I will analyze the following key areas of both phones.

  1. Unboxing experience
  2. Design & Display
  3. Camera
  4. Benchmark & Performance
  5. Battery life
  6. Should you buy it (Pros & Cons)

Unboxing Experience

galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6

Apple started this eco-friendly packaging, and not excluding the removal of the charger in the box and quickly Samsung and Google adopted a similar trend. Thus taking away the satisfying feeling that comes with unboxing the phones.

So inside  ‘eco-friendly’ cost-saving retail box, is a type c cable and some paperwork and obviously the phone.

The S21 FE supports a 25 W first charger, while Pixel 6 can do 0 to 50% in 30 mins

Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6 – Design & Display

galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6

Both have a punch hole on the front which is similar to most phones except obviously for the iPhones 😂😂. On the back is where the main difference comes in while Samsung borrows the same design in the S21 flagships. Only that instead of the metal frame flowing into the jutting -outer camera slab, the Fun Edition, plastic back seamlessly flows into a camera island. Ohh, Men!! Did I just say a plastic back on a 699$ phone?

On the Other hand, the Pixel 6 has the natural look of standing out with a rectangle back that flows all through. And this solves a few problems one is the wabbling issue and also your thumb gets a good resting position. Thou this also a dust home let’s just say both have great design.

Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6 – camera

galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6

Google has been known as the Camera King. And with a new Tensor chip, this is still the case. While Samsung has its own processing type the Pixel 6 still outshines it.

Here is a quick wild guess.

The FE packs a 32MP front camera, compared to the Pixel 6’s 8MP while this sounds a lot more, the processing power on Google Pixel still makes it stands out. Here are some quick samples.

On the back, the Fe has a 12MP primary lens, a 12MP ultrawide, and an 8MP telephoto camera. These all sound familiar with the S20 FE. The only difference is in the chipset used. The Google Pixel, on the Other hand, has a 50MP primary camera, 12MP ultrawide, and NO telephoto. I will let you be the judge on this.

For me, the Pixel 6 stands out as the smartest camera with the best processing power. Thou in photos we all do have different preferences.

Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6 – Benchmark & Performance

I hardly ever get into synthetic benchmark when talking about Tensor, and that is for a simple reason its perfect in its own ways and there are fewer phones having it thus there is lesser data to compare against.

And to be honest, I was a little upset when Samsung released the S21 FE in 2022 with a triple 8 snapdragon chipset instead of the snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Which may be okay for most but not for me!!

On geek bench multi-core, Samsung S21 FE quickly takes the lead having a 3049 score while pixel 6 has a 2899 score.

The victory continues as the Pixel 6 is given another blow by Samsung S21 FE in a single-core test. To secure, a score of 1060 against Pixel’s 1030.

The S21 FE has an Antuntu score of 719696 while the Pixel 6 has a Score of 676831.

Out of the box, this is the first Samsung phone that comes installed and running android 12 on one UI 4. And this comes with a few more advantages but the material U just outshines the S21 FE on this. Going a long way to prove my point never rely on benchmarks when trying to get a phone to buy.

With things like voice typing, better image processing, live translation, and crazy image editing tools. The pixel 6 Tensor chip proves itself to be a better alternative to the new S21 FE.

Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6 – Battery life

The Pixel 6 has a 4614mAh battery inside, slightly smaller than the Pro’s 5,003mAh. But an adequate match for the display and chipset. While the Galaxy S21 FE has the same battery as the S20 FE – a 4,500 mAh cell. The Pixel scores 86 hours endurance while the Galaxy FE S21 score 92hrs endurance.

Both will give you a full day’s use. While the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has a 25W fast Charging the pixel doesn’t state what Watts it supports but can fill 0 – 50 percent in 30 mins

which one should you buy?

The Galaxy S21 FE 5G is a well-executed smartphone and a proper sequel to the Galaxy S20 FE. It brings a better display, more powerful hardware, and improved camera performance even if the camera sensors and optics haven’t changed much since the S20 FE. Oh, and we do appreciate the new, S21-like design. The Pixel 6, meanwhile, with its more modest aspirations (and asking price) faces a crowd not quite as tough. And, that is one of the main bargains that it has.

The Galaxy S21 FE’s most noticeable drawback is the launch and I know I did say it was a perfectly executed launch. But! being launched weeks to S22 launch is not the best idea especially accompanied by a 1-year-old chip is just a mess!!!

So, the Galaxy S21 FE is a powerful and capable smartphone, no two ways about that. But we just cannot recommend it at this price, not without reservations. Once Samsung introduces its first price cut, though, the Galaxy S21 FE should get a spot on the shortlists of everyone looking for a no-nonsense flagship-like smartphone.

On the other hand,

The Pixel 6 remains a class-leading cameraphone – that can be appreciated by everyone. The one truly major downside of the Pixel 6 that we can’t dismiss easily is the fact that it’s only available in a dozen countries.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you want and that is you to get what fits your needs

Anyway, guys thanks so much for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe. catch you in the next video.

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