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Major Online Safety Tips to Practice – 2021

if it is on the internet it is not safe

1. Two_Factor Authentication( 2 FA )

Occasionally referred to as two-step authentication is a security process in which the application user provides two different authentication factors to verify identity. It’s done to protect both users’ credentials and the resources the user can access.


A valid example is when you access a website and key in your log in credentials. Inserting password will be one step. The second step will be a One Time Password (OTP) that will be sent to verify you. This will have completed the 2 FA process. Its among the industry’s best secure practices.

2. Use Password Manager.

A password manager is a program that allows users to store, generate and manage passwords for local applications and online services using one master password in one convenient location. They help in generating complex and unique passwords and stores them securely. The additional advantage is that one can access the password vault from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

3. Set up a recovery phone number or email address

One at times can forget password or a malicious user might be striving to change password in your email account. Recovery phone number or email helps one to evade such problems by providing another link to send a verification code or for identification that will help you know activities going on and also help you get your account back in-case you forgot your password.

4. Updated Software

Updates come with fixes of some bugs which mostly are security fixes. It also includes some newly added or improved features or different compatibility with different applications which results in improved functionality and improved user experience. Always keep your operating system updated and activate antivirus.

5. Keep Personal Information Limited

When using social media, avoid providing personal information and keep it professional. Potential employers do not need your relationship status or where you are having dinner with friends. All they need is about you is your expertise and professional background and how to contact you if the need arises. Withdraw from disposing of your personal information and private life to millions of people that some might be having malicious intentions.

6. Safe Browsing

Every website you click on can have a great impact on you. It’s advisable to visit websites that are secure with HTTPs extension and be careful downloading files. Cyber-criminals can trick you into downloading malware that will in turn affect your computer or try to steal your information inclusive of bank accounts and passwords. Desist from opening email links that you do not know their valid source. They can be bait to execute phishing attacks.

7. Avoid Unsecured Public WiFi

Unsecured means it allows data to move without any encryption thus increased security risks. Free WiFi can also be a result of a honey pot created by a hacker to be able to acquire details of you. If you can not avoid using free unsecured public WiFi, be careful and avoid keying in financial information such as Bank Account numbers and passwords.

Using a Virtual Private Network is an added advantage to internet security since it provides encryption to data moving from your device which when intercepted will not be in plain text but unreadable form.

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