How To Download High Resolution Videos on Youtube

Have you ever thought of downloading a high-Resolution Video let’s say 8K or 4K videos from youtube?

There have been many sites to download youtube videos from but most of them. Don’t give the best quality both in terms of audio and video. Not Forgetting Usability is terrible.

But what if I gave you a solution to this particular problem. And that you could download and play videos locally on your PC from Youtube fast and efficiently without worrying about sound quality video quality and in your desired format?

Well, YeetDL offers a solution to this:

YeetDL is a software that helps you to download YouTube videos and Playlists. It has a built-in YouTube converter to MP3, MP4, and many more. YeetDL Supports multiple audio and video formats, up to 8K Resolution. not forgetting it supports Live Streams!

Key Features for YEETDL

The advantages of YeetDL are incalculable! You can download an endless number of files by simply copying and pasting their URLs into the app. That’s all there is to it — no advertisements, no interruptions! You can pause, resume, and terminate downloads whenever you like. Best of all, you can get videos with resolutions of up to 8K!

Below are some of the key important features of YeetDL:

  • Support for 360° and Virtual Reality Videos
  • Download subtitles in separated srt file or burn subtitles to the output videos in 40+ languages.
  • Download entire YouTube playlists and channels.
  • Support up to 8K/4K & Full HD
  • Video Converter to MP3
  • Support for Subtitles and Closed Captions download along with video
  • Support for Live Streams

How YeetDL works

Click here to download YeetDl from the official website

After downloading install the App/ Software

Open the software

copy video link from Youtube website

most of the time a pop-up on the right corner will appear showing the copied link is being processed.

and paste it into the YeetDL application

choose video quality or audio quality you want and download.


Use the search tab on yeetDL to download directly

Pros And Cons of YeetDL


  • Support up to 8K/4K & Full HD
  • Download Entire Playlists
  • Ultra Fast Speed
  • Video Converter to MP3
  • 360° and Virtual Reality Videos
  • Subtitles and Closed Captions
  • Live Streams and Gaming
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Built-in Search Engine
  • Integrated Video Player


Currently only runs on Windows OS only

Has a free trial

30-day money-back guarantee

A follow-up video will be coming soon make sure to subscribe to our YT channel


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