How To Bypass Windows10 Local User Password

This going to be the 1st episode of the 5 hacks you can do in 2020

Well, We’re going to bypass the 10 local user account windows. This is possible in situations when you have forgotten your password or just want to try it on your friend for them to see you as a techie.

Over the years Microsoft continues to update the security patches and this has made it a little trickier to do some stuff that initially was a joy ride. So, you need to follow every step of this to get it right.

(Basically, we need to use the cmd which Microsoft limits its use unless you got admin password)

Step 1

The following conditions must be met

  1. A flash disk of 8GB
  2. A working laptop

Go to Microsoft website or such windows 10 download on Google download and create a bootable USB media you can use Rufus or windows installation media.

If you want a detailed information on how to create a bootable USB stick then do worry click here for that.


Step 2

You need to know the boot key for your laptop i.e. F2, F12, F9, F10, F11 etc.

For more information about boot keys click here.

Go to the boot menu and change USB for first boot.

Step 3


Use the repair option and click on troubleshoot option

Step 4

Click on system image recovery

A window pop up saying windows cannot find a system image on this computer

Click cancel,

Press next and go for advance

And choose install a driver and press enter.

(So, we are going to trick this computer into installing a driver)

Step 5

We are going to navigate through this computer to locate the installation folder

Click on this PC

We are going to look for a windows folder

There will be similar drives the other one will be

  1.  Boot (X) ignore this
  2. System reserve ignore this
  3. Also ignore the removable USB stick

On my test I got it on local disk E

Step 6

Open the windows folder

Locate system32 and click to open

Locate a file called Magnify and rename it to something else for my case I used magnify1 save and refresh to ensure its renamed. (this temporary)

Now look for cmd and change it to Magnify (uppercase M)

Refresh to ensure its saved

Step 7

Close everything and turn off your laptop or desktop

Boot normally and the login window appears

It will require a password enter anything and it will say wrong password.

Step 8

Click on the ease of access button and open magnifier  

This will open the cmd

Type net user and enter

This will give you all the users on the Laptop

For my case I will use RATWEB

Type net user RATWEB (the user name that you want to login to)

If you have a 2-word user name you need to put quotes i.e. if the user name is RATWEB TECH then use ‘RATWEB TECH’

Make a sure to put asterisk at the end that is


Press enter

Password for the user press enter

The command completed successfully

Step 9

Close cmd and login

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Also stay tuned for part 2 that’s about bypassing Microsoft account.

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