How to Activate Windows 10 using CMD (2021) Permanently


Today am going to do the 3rd part of the series 5 hacks you can do in 2020

Basically we are going to activate windows and remove activate windows watermark. This will be the simplest part considering one need to follow the steps accurately without mistakes!!

No use of third party apps.


Internet connection.

working laptop preferably one not activated

make sure to open this tab as it will be of more importance

NOTE: I prefer not to use third party applications as they contain viruses.

Step 1

press windows key and R on the key board to open this

windows key plus r

Step 2

Now type regedit and click ok

Step 3

This will open the registry editor

Now click here in a new tab

And use the 1st link named link 1 copy it

And paste it on the registry editor and enter

Step 4

Locate PaintDesktopVersion and double click

Now change the value from 0 to 4

Step 5

Now go to start menu and type cmd and run as administrator

*make sure to Run as ADMIN*

Step 6

Type gpupdate  /force and enter

Step 7

Now open registry editor again and using link 2  click here

Copy and paste on registry editor press Enter

Step 8

Identify start and double click

Change value to 4 and click ok

Step 9

Right click on the same page of registry editor and click on new and select key. Click on key and name it KMS

Click on default and input kms_4 as value data and click okay

Step 10

Open the minimized cmd and type

gpupdate  /force and enter

go to settings to check what version of windows are you using mine is windows 10 pro

Step 11

Then go back to the 1st link here or open here

And locate kms client key here

Copy the key and then open command prompt as administrator and type

Slmgr /ipk and paste windows key click enter

A window pops saying key installed.

Step 12

Now type the following command carefully

Slmgr /skms then enter

A window pops and click okay

Step 13

we type one more command

slmgr /ato

and press enter

a windows pops windows activated successfully and click okay

Step 14

go to settings and check if windows is activated

remember there is still a water mark on

go back to registry editor

and using or first link

copy and paste it and identify PaintDesktopVersion and change the value from4 to 0


On command prompt type gpupdate /force and enter

And right click on desktop and windows is now activated

Windows is now activated and thanks

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