Google Meet can now run out of browser on Windows, Mac and Chrome OS

Google Meet is now a Progressive Web Application to simplify its use on desktop machines. Google Meet has not followed various competitors like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. who have long offered a desktop application for their video conferencing service.

A one-click installation to perform from Google Chrome

Indeed, Google Meet is now a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that can be installed with one click from the Chrome browser for macOS, Windows 10 and Chrome OS. Upon login, a small icon appears to the right of the Omnibox, Chrome’s search bar. This allows you to install the application on your computer and then use it independently of the browser.

A dedicated application easier to use

Once the operation is done. Click on the Applications tab to open Google Meet in a dedicated window and no longer in a browser tab.

It is also possible to attach the application to its taskbar, find it in its application list in Chrome OS or create a shortcut. Be careful. However, Google Chrome must remain open at all times when running Google Meet.

We find in this PWA all the services offered by Google Meet, namely videoconferencing, the generation of invitations, but no new features except this new. More convenient interface to no longer has to switch from one tab to another and thus keep the thread of the discussion while continuing to work.

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