Forecast leads TSMC close to Intel by 2025

According to a report published by investment bank JP Morgan Chase, TSMC could reach the milestone of $ 100 billion in revenues by 2025.

A prediction that comes on the heels of that of Citigroup. Even more optimistic, it considered that this threshold could be reached as early as 2024 by TSMC. Two pieces of information are based mainly on announcements of tariff increases on the part of the Taiwanese.

$ 100 billion in revenue in 2025

Two predictions also come in a very particular context where TSMC-although in an increasingly favorable position in the semiconductor sector – fails to meet a constantly rising demand.

JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup point out that TSMC’s announced rate increase will, of course, boost its margins and allow it to catch up (exceed ?) the American Intel. TSMC would benefit much more than its competitor from the tremendous boom expected in the smartphone market in particular.

No other company in the industry can keep up with TSMC, not even Intel, whose revenue grew 8 % last year. In 2020, at $ 48 billion in revenue, TSMC accounted for the equivalent of 60% of Intel’s profits ($78 billion). In 2025, at 100 billion revenues, TSMC could account for 80% of Intel’s results, according to quick calculations by our source.

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