Facebook Is Down! So is Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, And Oculus VR

Facebook’s network of services fell offline just as Antigone Davis was live on CNBC. Defending the company’s policies and treatment of research findings claiming Instagram is damaging to kids. “We’re aware that some individuals are having problems accessing our applications and products,” Facebook communications executive Andy Stone writes on Twitter. We’re working hard to restore normalcy as soon as possible, and we regret any inconvenience.”

A peek at Down Detector (or your Twitter feed) reveals the problems are widespread. While it’s unclear exactly why they are unreachable for so many people, but a peek at their DNS records shows that, like last week’s Slack outage, the problem is apparently DNS (it’s always DNS).

Instagram.com is flashing a 5xx Server Error message, while the Facebook site merely tells us that something went wrong. The problem also appears to be affecting its virtual reality arm, Oculus. Users can load games they already have installed and the browser works, but social features or installing new games does not.

There’s no word yet from Facebook on what’s causing the issue or when those sites, which include Messenger and WhatsApp, will be back up and running, but we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

The company is often cryptic about the causes of any issues. And does not tend to explain to them even after they are fixed. In 2019, for instance, it suffered its biggest outage in years. And said only that it had “triggered an issue” during “routine maintenance operations”.

In a leaked transcript published in The Verge in 2019, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg note that such outages are a “big deal”. Any problems can often lead people to start using competitors instead. And noted that it can take “months” to win back trust and get people back on Facebook’s platforms – if they come back at all.

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