Explaining the metaverse, why it’s a big problem!

One of the most confusing things to explain and understand is the Metaverse. And for a simple reason, it doesn’t exist, at least not yet. In this video, I will try to dive into everything metaverse and try to explain what it is, how it works, and answer the question is it a problem to our existence?

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So, What is Metaverse?

In simplified terms, Metaverse is cyberspace. And 90% of the time you will ever refer to the term meta it will probably mean Cyberspace.

First coined nearly 30 years ago by author Neal Stephenson, the metaverse has entered our vocabulary in a complicated way. From Wall Street to Main Street, people are trying to wrap their heads around it. But what is the metaverse, really? Author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash,” he envisioned lifelike avatars who met in realistic 3D buildings and other virtual reality environments.

Ideally, Metaverse is just a dream for the future of the internet. Like Mrwhosetheboss says, it’s the next version of social media. If this makes it easier let’s say if the current version of the internet is two-dimensional. That is we interact with things on a screen, well Metaverse is a 3 Dimensional version of the internet. Whereby instead of just scrolling and typing you can walk through it and explore your fantasies. Using a pair of headsets or glasses.

so, how does it work?

how does metaverse works?

 Metaverse is hypothesized concept to combine aspects of several technologies including social media, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), online gaming,  and cryptocurrencies. And, enable people to interact with others virtually. In simple terms, it is a virtual world in which users can socialize, shop, perform different activities, and learn new things.

During the Facebook launch, Avatars were used to demonstrate how it all worked. But ideally, the end product will be people who look more real than cartoonish. And this is because it is an interactive platform and the need to make it more appealing is very important.

Just like other social media platforms. The metaverse allows you to meet other avatars make friends, play games in groups and full fill your fantasies. Like going into space, doing speed boat riding, and many other activities. All while making you feel safe in your house.

so let’s talk about the benefits and advantages that come with the metaverse

what are the Benefits of the Metaverse

virtual offices

The metaverse may be a key factor in the future of work. As we expand beyond the current hybrid model of office work, the virtual experience may be enhanced and refined by having people work directly in the metaverse. 

virtual education system

With almost 91% of students worldwide suffering from educational disruption due to COVID and the adoption of online learning on the rise. Metaverse will be able to merge technologies that can help accelerate online delivery. Pushing digitized education to greater heights.

Metaverse Crypto

Metaverse CryptoCurrency, just like playing monopoly. Each metaverse platform is expected to have its own cryptocurrency or tokens that users can buy and use online on their platform. Currently, Decentraland (CRYPTO: MANA) and The Sandbox (CRYPTO: SAND) are two of the popular metaverse cryptocurrencies that can be used in their respective metaverse games.


The Metaverse will dramatically enhance the affordability of a wide range of activities and products, allowing inclusivity of all irrespective of social class.  Just like the internet gave much of the human population access to vast libraries of knowledge and entertainment, the Metaverse may allow most of humanity to virtually experience world travel, high-quality interaction with family members stuck in distant countries, and so on.

creation of new jobs

Just Like any other large Technological transition throughout history, the metaverse will create a new wave of innovation resulting in new job markets that haven’t been imagined yet. Also, This won’t just make goods and services cheaper; it will also make people wealthier by making their labor more productive. Many jobs that were once only available locally will now be available globally. Because remote work will be much better than it currently is over Zoom and Slack.

Creation of New Possibilities

The Metaverse will also introduce new possibilities that don’t currently exist at all. Right now, nobody can have a high-quality virtual experience of traveling to distant solar systems, or the center of the earth, or past eras of human civilization. But after a few more years of rapid Virtual Reality development, most of humanity may have access to these experiences.

enviromental sustainability

By giving us new and often more efficient ways to achieve our goals. The Metaverse will be a huge boon for sustainability. By attending workplaces, schools, and social gatherings virtually rather than physically, we will save precious resources. “Dropping our daily commutes will mean less time stuck in traffic and more time doing things that matter,” Zuckerberg points out. Actually, if you travel for work, and working in the Metaverse means that you just take one less flight each year, that’s probably better than almost anything else that you can do for the environment.”

and finally

Games move to the Metaverse

A metaverse game is one that allows millions of players to interact with one another within a single virtual world. Roblox, Fortnite, Acknoledger, Crucible Network, Ex-Populous, Netvrk, Meta Spatial, Sandbox. Are some of the metaverse games that are currently available.

Up to this point, we have been able to understand the metaverse. And the possibilities, benefits, and advantages that it comes with, the ability to teleport and do anything that you would want to do. anywhere you would want to experience it not forgetting the business opportunities that come with it.

so answering the question what problems does the metaverse come with?

the big Problem that comes with Metaverse

The Metaverse is pretty scary and there are 4 key things that we all need to be very mindful about

1.Data collection / mining

like lets face it facebook has had a very rocky relationship on how it handles user data in the past. for instance the 2016 cambrige scandal, 2013 shadow profiling and how over 6million users data were exposed, and many other more scandals that lead to billions of user data being exposed and sold more on that link in the description.

And in the case of Meta where we become the digital version of ourselves, and that our data is not just about photos we choose to share but are about everything we do while in it. from how we dress our digital selves what we like conversations we want to hear, Then we going to put a whole new level of trust on Facebook now Meta that doesn’t really reveal how exactly they use this information.

We are talking of data collection on the level of measuring your brain activity and pretty sure you wouldn’t give even your family that. And this we aren talking of giving it to a company like Meta.

2. Being Shown Only those Things we belive

We are talking of companies developing digital versions that are indistinguishable from reality . And we have seen how this affects how we interact with the internet from what we want to see to what the algorithm shows us and what it makes us belive. and taking this into the Meta then its kind of alarming, for instance if I don’t want to belive that COVID is real then my digital version will only show me that it doesn’t exist. And if I only prefer one brand to the rest the in my Metaverse that’s all I will see. and it gets even worse if you don’t know for instance what someone is saying is actually a person or just the algorithm doing its thing. all in the name of ensuring you spend most time on the platform, as a result see more relevant ads.

3. Cyber Security

We have talked about how much data will be collected and that doesn’t mean it will be 100% secure. Companies face cyber attacks on day to day basis and what if someone hacks you friends account or maybe your account. or what about cyber bullying we these are things that we currently experiencing but buy having a digital version of ourselves that hardly indistinguishable from Us then its impact just multiplies. Also, another huge problem will be content moderation, Facebook currently has lots and lots of warehouses world wide with people constantly scanning and moderating what they post and share.

And while this is already cumbersome its still easy to do cause it involves written posts. Which with help of algorithms and filters they are able to try and manage these harmful post.

In the Metaverse for moderation to be effective then Companies will have to constantly scan the types of avatars we use, whats written on our clothings, how we dress , who we interact with and many more. Inorder to be able to moderate what we do and say on the platform. Idealy this means more and more surveillance.

4. At The end Of the day we are still Humans

As incredible and fascinating the technology is we are still humans. And, we need to interact with others, socialize, meet new friends, have family, eat healthy, have a working society, and I’m not fully buying the idea that the Metaverse will help us achieve this. And in my own thinking the Metaverse is going to be the next generation of social media only that it will combine most of the things like gaming, crypto, work, and education. and, while doing all this also carrying all the positives and negatives to the extreme levels.

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