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Everything About the iOS 15, iPadOS, WatchOS, macOS WWDC 2021

It’s that time of year again! Apple started off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference 2021. With a keynote packed to the brim with all the new features coming to its various devices.

You didn’t have time to read the live blog or watch the stream? We understand. That’s why we’ve condensed all the major news into the bullet points below. Skim at your leisure

iOS 15

Craig Federighi kicked things off by discussing the newest big iOS update, saying that it focuses on four points: remaining connected, finding focus, leveraging intelligence, and exploring the world. He mentioned that iOS 15 will be released in public beta in July, with a final release scheduled for “this fall.”

iOS 15, the company’s next big iPhone upgrade, which includes new video calling features, Messages enhancements, user statuses, a smart notification summary, and more.


FaceTime for video now has a new grid layout and portrait mode support in iOS 15. FaceTime conversations now include Spatial Audio, which makes voices sound as if they are emanating from the person’s location on the screen, as well as adjustable voice isolation for a more realistic experience.

In addition, users on Android and Windows devices may now produce a shared link to a scheduled video conference and join FaceTime conversations through the internet.

FaceTime’s “SharePlay” feature allows users to seamlessly integrate music, videos, and movies into conversations, as well as share screens. SharePlay is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and thanks to shared playback controls, everyone in a conversation may play, pause, or skip forward. SharePlay is also available as an API for third-party apps like Disney+, HBO Max, and TikTok to use.


Notifications in ‌iOS 15‌ have been redesigned, adding contact photos for people and larger app icons. A notification summary is now available, which displays notifications according on how users engage with their apps and their importance.


iOS 15 introduces a new user state called “Focus.” A Focus prioritizes alerts and apps according on the user’s priorities. Users can build their own Focus or choose from a list of suggested Focuses. Users may also build Home Screen pages with applications and widgets that only show relevant applications during periods of attention.

When a user’s Focus or Do Not Disturb state prevents incoming alerts, their state in Messages is visible to others.


Users may highlight and choose text on photographs using “Live Text” in Photos. Other applications, such as Apple News, support Live Text.

Photos will now appear in Spotlight searches, and Apple Music tracks may be added to Photos memories in iOS 15. Memory mixes are synced with the movie and visuals, and user-configurable using Apple Music’s intelligently selected music.


Corporate badges, hotel room keys, and keys for home smart locks are among the new types of keys added to the Wallet app in iOS 15.

In the United States, Wallet will also support identity cards. To add their ID to the Wallet app, users just scan it.


The Weather app has been entirely redesigned, with a full-screen in-app map and new backdrop animations that match the location of the sun.

The new design adapts to the weather, with alerts indicating when rain or snow begins and ends.


Maps has a global view as well as a considerably more comprehensive 3D view in cities, as well as a new night mode. To help vehicles in cities, there are new road features such as turn lanes, medians, bike lanes, and pedestrian crosswalks.

Maps now follows you on a transit route and may warn you when it is time to exit, as well as provide more comprehensive navigational information.

Users may now hold up their iPhone and Maps will create an exact position to display precise walking directions in augmented reality, thanks to iOS 15.


Safari has a whole new look and feel, with easier-to-use controls. Users may now swipe between tabs using a new, condensed tab bar that hovers at the bottom of the screen. Tab groups are also available, allowing users to access them from any device at any time. Safari for the iPhone now has extensions and a customized start page for the first time.

Additional Features

Voice search in Safari, cross-app drag and drop, and new Memoji costumes are all included in iOS 15. New ways to share material, including photos, music, podcasts, Apple News stories, and more, as well as pinned material, are available in Messages.

Spotlight may use web image search and improved search to provide more information on a contact card, an actor, a musician, a TV program, or a movie. In shared notes, the Notes app now includes tags to organize notes, as well as remarks and activity history.

Users may share their health data with family or caregivers via the Health app’s new sharing page, and Trends can highlight significant changes in health parameters. Find My now has a new widget, as well as support for live-streamed places and AirPods.

In addition to on-device Siri queries, Mail Privacy Protection, and an App Privacy Report, iOS 15 offers greater privacy to the iPhone.

All iPhones from the iPhone 6S and later will be supported by iOS 15, which will be accessible on the same devices as iOS 14.

Starting today, Apple Developer Program members may get the developer preview of iOS 15, and iOS users will be able to download the public beta next month.

Apple Won’t Make You Upgrade to iOS 15 and Will Continue to Provide Security Updates for iOS 14

According to fresh data on the software sites for the upcoming upgrades, Apple intends to allow iPhone and iPad customers to stay on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 even after the release of the iOS and iPadOS 15 updates.

iOS now offers a choice between two software update versions in the Settings app. You can update to the latest version of iOS 15 as soon as it’s released for the latest features and most complete set of security updates. Or continue on ‌iOS 14‌ and still get important security updates until you’re ready to upgrade to the next major version.

Apple had previously urged customers to update immediately away and ceased signing older versions of iOS to make it hard to downgrade, but it appears that policy will be relaxed in the future.

This will be beneficial to individuals who are unable to upgrade their gadgets due to device restrictions or limitations imposed by their workplaces or institutions.

Apple had previously encouraged customers to update immediately away and ceased signing older versions of iOS to make it hard to downgrade, but it appears this policy will be lifted.

This will be beneficial to individuals who are unable to upgrade their gadgets due to device restrictions or limitations imposed by their workplaces or institutions.

Other complimentary features include:

  • iOS 15 Includes Built-In Password Authenticator With Autofill, Replacing Google Authenticator and Authy
  • Apple Temporarily Expands iCloud Storage in iOS 15 for Backing Up Data and Transferring to a New Device
  • Apple Adds New Outfits, Glasses, Headwear and Accessibility Options to Memoji in iOS 15
  • iOS 15 Brings FaceTime to PC and Android Users With New Option to Join on the Web
  • iOS 15 Photos App Now Displays EXIF Metadata for Images
  • New Separation Alerts in iOS 15 Let You Know If You Leave an AirTag or Apple Device Behind
  • iOS 15 Find My App Lets You Find Devices That Are Turned Off or Erased
  • HomeKit Secure Video Cameras Can Notify You When a Package Has Arrived Starting With iOS 15
  • Apple Maps Lets You Set Leaving or Arrival Times When Getting Directions in iOS 15
  • Redesigned Apple TV Siri Remote in Control Center
  • iOS 15 Can Automatically Add and Remove Widgets to a Smart Stack
  • iOS 15 Automatically Archives Expired Boarding Passes and Tickets in Wallet App
  • iOS 15 Includes Secure Paste Feature That Hides the Clipboard From Developers
  • Apple Aims to Lure Android Users to iPhone With Improved ‘Move to iOS’ Experience in iOS 15
  • iOS 15 Lets Your Family Access Your Data If You Die
  • iOS 15 and macOS Monterey Introduce Ability to Capture 15-Second Gameplay Recordings Using a Game Controller
  • iOS 15: App Store Hides Screenshots of Installed Apps in Search Results to Improve Discoverability
  • iOS 15 Tidbits: Text Cursor Magnifier, New Dial Picker, Custom Text Size Per App, and More
  • iOS 15 Finally Lets You Block Your Exes from Ruining Your Photo Memories
  • FaceTime on iOS 15 Alerts You If You Try to Talk While Muted
  • iOS 15 Lets Developers Hide Sensitive Information in Widgets on the Lock Screen Until iPhone Is Unlocked.
  • iOS 15 Allows You to Request Refunds for In-App Purchases Directly Within Apps

iPadOS 15

  • Widgets for the iPadOS home screen will be available. They’re quite identical to those on iOS, with the addition of a considerably larger widget choice because of the larger screen.

  • The notion of an “App Library” is making its way from iOS to iPadOS.

  • A new multitasking menu will (presumably) simplify how you manage multitasking on iPadOS, moving away from the system’s present reliance on easily forgotten gestures.
  • You may now @ mention someone in a shared note to attract their attention on a change, and highlight changes when you return to a shared file in the Notes app. Meanwhile, swiping up from the bottom right corner of the screen will allow you to make a note from anywhere.
  • Translate: iPadOS will gain a system-wide text translation feature, as well as an app for real-time translation of in-person discussions.
  • Swift Playgrounds now allows you to create iPad apps and submit them to the App Store.
  • The public beta will begin in July, with the final release scheduled for “this fall.”


macOS Monterey

  • macOS Monterey will be the name of the next major release of the operating system.
  • All of the previously announced SharePlay features are coming to macOS, including the ability to view video and listen to music in sync with friends through FaceTime.
  • “Universal control” will allow you to control numerous macs and iPads with a single keyboard and mouse configuration, instantly detecting when a new suitable device is put nearby. When you place an iPad next to a MacBook, it expands automatically, transforming the two gadgets into one large canvas.
  • AirPlay is now available on Macs, allowing you to broadcast AirPlay material to your Mac’s display in the same way as you would an AppleTV.
  • The iOS “Shortcuts” automation system is coming to macOS, allowing you to simply drag-and-drop scripts to perform the tasks you do frequently. (If you’re already utilizing the macOS’ Automator system, it will continue to work for the time being.)
  • Safari’s user interface is being revamped, with smaller tabs and a new “tab groups” mechanism to keep things organized. Tab groups will sync between iCloud devices automatically.
    The public beta will begin in July, with the final release scheduled for “this fall.”


watchOS 8

  • WatchOS can now measure your respiratory rate (the number of breaths you take per minute) and record how you breathe differently during the day (for example, while you sleep). They’re also adding new training modes, such as Tai Chi and Pilates, to the activity monitoring engine.
  • A new “Portraits” watch face will build a nice, layered-looking clock arrangement using your portrait-mode photographs.
  • On watchOS, text input gets a modest makeover, with “Scribble” handwriting recognition integrated straight into the text display. You set the text cursor on the crown, then draw the letters/symbols you desire directly on top of your text.
  • The public beta will begin in July, with the final release scheduled for “this fall.”


Siri goes to third-party devices

Beginning later this year, Apple says it will give up Siri to third-party manufacturers and their products, allowing Siri to reside on things like Eco bee thermostats.

tvOS 15

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Dev Stuff

Though its called the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple tends to keep the keynote focused largely on the consumer-facing stuff and save the most technical bits for the week’s many breakout sessions. They did touch on a few developer highlights, though, including:

  • New APIs to hook into things like SharePlay, Focus, etc.
  • iOS is getting a built-in 3D object scanning system that developers can tie into their apps, allowing them to integrate 3D scanning-style functionality without having to reinvent that wheel.
  • Devs will now be able to build multiple App Store product pages for the same app — with different icons, screenshots, etc. — to see which one resonates best.
  • TestFlight — the service for privately distributing pre-release/beta apps on Apple’s phone/tablet/watch operating systems — is coming to macOS.

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