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Smartphone awards 2020

It must have been a crazy year. But for geeks like us, the year 2020 was full of surprises and filled with innovative gadgets. Speaking about gadgets, let’s talk about smartphones and how they pushed even more boundaries in a year that brought the entire industry to a halt. Foldable phones are now what we can no longer term a costly vanity piece, compact phones are back, cell cameras have taken another big jump, and we’ve finally got ‘nice’ cheap phones. With 2020 nearing an end, RatwebTech is looking back at all-things-smartphones to remember the gadgets that stand out. Yeah, it’s time for the 2020 RatwebTech Smartphones Awards.

RatwebTech Awards recognize all those amazing smartphones that left a mark in 2020 through various price ranges, criteria, and categories.

Let’s get straight into this:

1.      Best budget Smartphone

This has always been my favorite choice category. To be honest it was hard deciding who really deserve this award. What I had to do was to decide who gives premium at midrange pricing. Still a hard question considering most midrange phones will fill you up with irrelevant advert, and deficient processors.

Anyway, my choice goes to POCO X2

The poco X2 just nailed it for less than 250USD this an awesome deal.

A good processor: Snapdragon 720G

An Awesome camera 48MP

Enough storage (128GB) and RAM(6GB) for the price

A big battery 5020 mAh

Well, the immediate contender goes to google pixel 4a 5G

We also argue that specifications are just half of the picture when it comes to smartphones. And the one phone that really lived up to our slogan is Google Pixel 4a 5G. Google’s offering has a lot to do with, such as sleek architecture, strong enough internals, 5G support, and the smartest Android experience you can find out there. The best highlights, though, are superb cameras and a palatable price tag.

Google recently introduced an ultra-wide camera to its phones and delivers it. The Pixel 4a 5G has one of the most stable and accurate camera setups you can find on the mid-range, and continues to be a benchmark for mobile photography on that category. Here, there’s nothing to despise. The Pixel 4a 5G is just an outstanding only frills-no smartphone sort of noise.

2.      Best compact phone

Well small phones have returned and its back in the contest. This was really a conventional one.

The iPhone 12 mini was almost much a no-brainer in this category, even though it was highly contested this year.

“It’s the same as all the other iPhones, but it’s smaller,” Marques said of the smartphone that carries the same parts, circuitry, and apps as the larger iPhone 12 versions in a much smaller case

The $599 CAD 2nd-Gen iPhone SE almost took the title of ‘Best Budget Handset’ this year, but the beast was seen on the budget—Pixel Google’s 4a, and received a runner-up in the category instead.

3.      Best value for money phone

The Samsung S20 FE the funs edition

Okay, so Samsung hasn’t made a decent budget flagship for a while now, but boy did set stuff on fire with the Galaxy S20 FE. This ‘Fan Edition’ phone comes in a large variety of beautiful colors, but the innards are nothing to laugh at. The fast-burning Snapdragon 865 manages stuff under the hood, you get wireless charging (as well as reverse charging), feature-rich applications, and a very powerful set of cameras.

”This doesn’t look, sound or act like a cheap handset, but it’s priced like one. In the present world scenario, it is impractical for businesses to pretend that customers are able to spend thousands of dollars on a smartphone while they can have a very close budget experience. In my experience, that’s just what this phone is – what customers need right now,” Jaime Rivera said in his analysis. That’s pretty much summarizing why we picked up the Galaxy S20 FE as the best mobile money worth in 2020.

 Runners up goes to the famous OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T delivers the perfect blend of top-notch features, excellent apps, eye-catching architecture and an almost unmatched price-to-value ratio. There’s a reason why OnePlus products are called budget flagships, and the OnePlus 8T suits the mold perfectly. Continue Reading

4.      Best camera smartphone

This has 3 main contenders I really wish this was easy but honestly this one area that the iPhone 12 Pro Max. does an awesome job combining the hardware and software to give the best images and videos.

The iPhone takes perfect, editable images reliably,” making it “just hard to defeat overall.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max pushes the experience of smartphones photography to the next level with enhancements such as native Dolby Vision HDR video capture and playback.

The closest runners Up goes to Huawei P40 Pro+

HUAWEI’s P-series smartphones have been at the forefront of mobile camera creativity for the past few years, and the newest in the series – the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ – is no different. It features a 50MP Cinema camera, a 40MP ultra-wide camera, an 8MP folded lens telescope system with a huge 10x optical zoom range, and a further 8MP telephoto camera that offers a 3X optical zoom range. Yeah, there’s a deep-sensing 3D camera on the back, too.

As amazing as it sounds on paper, the real findings are much more impressive.

Another shout out to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is one of the most powerful smartphones when it comes to raw photography skills. Rocking a 108MP main camera and a 48MP telephoto camera with a periscope design, it offers a 100x drool-worthy Super Resolution Zoom performance.

5.      Best battery life phone

this is meant to be a fairly simple award to grant. It is the phone that offers the best and longest battery life to win. You have plenty to remember this year with fast charging technologies.

My option is clearly going to be the best phone that blends the best battery with the best software.

The winner is Asus ROG Phone 3. The phone’s battery never drains. With 6000mAh, using the maximum frame rate and still does complete working days. The handset is a beast.

Shout out to Poco x3 this one with a thin frame but also has a big 600mAh battery providing a decent battery life.

6.      Best design phone

We got a lot of designs this year. Initially it used to be the best phone with a good quality build. But know its more than that. I really could pic a phone with the best finish fingerprints seem to be an issue currently. Well, the camera bump also seems to not be going away any time soon.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a damn fine smartphone that blends an excellent architecture with a top-of-the-line chipset, an immersive 120Hz AMOLED monitor, and a reasonably competent trio of snappers on the rear that are complemented by a lot of camera tricks. And with heavy price cuts, it’s going to get much better

Shout out to

Sony Xperia 1 II

One of the most underestimated Android flagships out there, the Sony Xperia 1 II is rocking a look unlike any other out there, thanks to its wide display with a 21:9 screen. Packing the fastest innards, you can find on the phone out there, further sweetens the deal with some professional camera features.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max

The handset is gorgeous. The difference between the polished borders that are currently apparent from the front and the frosted back is insanely elegant. And we totally comply with that. The polished smooth sides of stainless steel give a great complement to the frosted glass coating on the back. But that’s just half the story, as the iPhone 12 Pro looks very premium and well-crafted in its hands.

7.      Best innovative smartphone

This year so us get flip phones, foldable phones and swivel.

I really liked the swivel mechanism that LG Wing did Bring us. Well, it had a unique design.

It’s been thought for a while that the age of smartphones with crazy and experimental designs is over, but LG has proven us wrong with the Wing. Rocking a dual-display form factor with a swivel mechanism, this computer really makes full use of the dual-display configuration with some neat tech tricks.

Shout out to;

Xiaomi Mi mix Alpha this really a futuristic phone I wish it could go into mass production

Samsung actually made a large foldable phone that’s not full of problems. Apart from being a folding system that provides the convenience of a larger screen hidden in a small form factor, it has a flagship interface, excellent cameras, a streamlined hinge mechanism and an eye-catching design.

Phone with the best Hinge

This maybe a thing in the future but the Microsoft Surface Duo did hit it on this.

8.      Phone of the year

So, what’s going to make a great phone? Some would say an amalgam of the finest hardware you can set your hands on, but that’s something that would cost you more than a thousand dollars in 2020. How about a smartphone that delivers buttery smooth performance, the best user interface on the Android side of the ecosystem, and adds a splash of camera excellence for $699? If that sounds right for you, the Pixel 5 should be your next smartphone buy.

Instead of a flagship chip, Google packed the Pixel 5 with a high mid-range SoC that’s still snappy and quick enough to handle any game you throw at it with ease. But the true importance of Pixel 5 lies in the pure Android experience with a lot of clever features on Google’s side that determines Pixel’s signature experience. And those cameras, well, they’re still among the best in the industry, particularly for stills and low-light photography.

Google’s last flagship-the Pixel 4-has got its fair share of flak. Back to the drawing board, Google cut both gross processing power and pricing, adding an ultra-wide camera to the kit. The signature Pixel camera and device experience is here at an inexpensive price and packaged in a stunning design.

Shout out to

OnePlus 8T delivers the perfect blend of top-notch features, excellent apps, eye-catching architecture and an almost unmatched price-to-value ratio. There’s a reason why OnePlus products are called budget flagships, and the OnePlus 8T suits the mold perfectly.

The iPhone 12 is the 2020 iPhone so millions can purchase, and with good cause. Popular and well-received smartphone, iPhone 12 ups the ante by providing refined camera hardware, faster Chipset, a new charging mechanism named MagSafe and, of course, a cool interface makeover.

9.      Worst phone for the year 2020

Well, this list won’t be complete without the bust phone of the year.

The Samsung Note 20. Its like this phone was made to justify the price of Note 20 Ultra.

The phone has nothing to show for considering at launch it costed a whooping 1000 USD

Has a plastic back

No expandable storage

Standard 1080 display

Like nothing justifies pricing of this phone 1000USD

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