best phones to buy in 2022

Best Phones To Buy in 2022 (early)

I know haven’t posted in a while and that I didn’t do the smartphone awards 2021. So, why not start it up with the best phones you can buy this early 2022. All these phones came out last year but the good thing is they are not old. Instead, they just got cheaper.. and of course better software updates and better optimization over time.

So here are 8 phones you should consider buying in 2022

1. Samsung s21 ultra

If you read my full review on the s21 I called it A wolf in wolf’s clothing. Just like the apex predator, the S21 Ultra features a sharp design, aggressive camera module, all combined with powerful specs makes this just the easiest phone to recommend.

And the Galaxy s21 ultra doesn’t pretend to be anything aside from what it is: an apex predator in the smartphone kingdom where it slays most of the competition.

And since the glitches have been sorted with updates over the last year,

The galaxy s21 ultra has the most powerful hardware, a large size battery, good stereo speakers, and a pretty advanced camera module just saying among the best we have . also, the support for the S-pen. Makes this almost a complete phone except for a few disadvantages like it’s bulky and there are no headphones and charger in the box. And for the fact that different regions have different chipsets which have a difference in performance. still, one of the best phones to buy in 2022

Well, if you aren’t into the Samsung world then introduce the Samsung Killer.

2. Xiaomi mi 11 ultra

I named this the Samsung killer in my review and for simple reasons

For instance, Xiaomi took everything that the galaxy had perfected and perfected on that. Samsung had no charger in the box Xiaomi comes with a 67W fast charger

Has the best display panel better than Samsung’s at least on paper with 1700nits in hdr compared to 1500 nits on s21 ultra refresh rate

Maxes out at 120Hz This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any shortcomings for instance just as it perfected everything Samsung offered it is also heavier…

Has a great rare display but whose use is underutilized.

Anyway it has a great camera best in the market at least we give it that. And if you are not in the market for a Xiaomi or Samsung

Then maybe an iPhone 13 Pro Max would do:

3. Iphone 13 pro/max

The iPhone 13 pro and pro max had a good time with a lot of improvement especially on three main areas that are of major importance. They introduced a 120hz promotion display eventually though very late but works as it should

A great camera might say industry-leading at least due to the processing power. And then the improved battery size and well optimize for more than a full day USE.

We hardly talk about the processing power of the A15 Bionic chip. And this is what I got to say. Do you want a phone you can push to the limits and handle? Grab the iPhone 13 pro or pro max.

Alternatively, if you want a great phone that will handle almost everything you push to it and is affordable then think no further than the google pixel 6

4. Google pixel 6

Camera Bump

If you want the best phone in terms of pricing and camera and artificial intelligence then the goggle pixel 6 does it. Combining it with the new tensor chip this the best deal for the buck. I said this earlier In my full review the google pixel 6 provides the best android experience for the buck with outstanding cameras, smart picture editing tools, and great google assistant features. Priced at 599 USD there is no better phone that will compete with this offering 5 years of android experience and upgrades is kinda difficult to get.

While this is the best phone and easy to recommend battery optimization is still an issue including a slow fingerprint sensor all of which can be sorted with a future update. Another limitation is storage is capped at 256GB which is just enough.

If all these don’t excite you then the most compact phone of 2021 will get you thinking. That’s the iPhone 13 mini

5. Iphone 13 mini

The iPhone 13 mini is a very capable phone the best Chip in the market. A great camera module making it a good combo for those of us who want a vlogging phone and affordable.

This is the best compact phone that’s very easy to recommend priced at 100 dollars top of the pixel phone. This almost perfect mini Phone has some flows.. for instance, the notch is still there no 120Hz refresh rate, and fast charging is capped at 25W. I guess it’s for longer battery life.

Well let’s get the best gaming phone out there the ROG phone 5

6. ROG phone 5

ROG  phone 5 - best phones to buy in 2022

Well, this has a series of phones with some confusing names I guess it’s an Asian thing maybe.

Asus is the undisputed king of smartphone gaming and this still stands after 4 iterations of the rog lineup. This phone will handle any abuse you put it through and that’s just what it’s meant to do and if you are in the gaming industry then no looking anywhere else this is just the best phone to buy except for a few hiccups in the software. ROG phone 5 has a great 144hz refresh rate, the snapdragon triple 8 chip

Maxed at 18GB Ram and an incredible camera module with average battery life.

If you want a budget smartphone then look no further the Redmi note 10 Pro got you covered.

7. Redmi Note 10 Pro

redmi note 10 pro - best phones to buy in 2022

If you want the most affordable phone that has few or no cut-off look no further the Redmi note 10 pro is the solution currently priced at 250 dollars. This budget phone comes with a 108 main lense, best in class. An AMOLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Support for 5G and max out with 8GB RAM and with 128GB of storage thou expandable.

This is an easy one to recommend to anyone with 250 dollar budget.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro isn’t flawless, but it has enough flaws to be forgiven and forgotten about. Although the Note wasn’t designed to replace the flagship, it is closing the gap and could soon be breathing down their necks. yet Still qualifies to be

Another compact phone  is the Samsung Z flip 3

8. Samsung z flip 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 best phones to buyin 2022

I still don’t believe phones should have moveable parts but Samsung is concurring the foldable industry and if there is any compact foldable is the z flip 3. Still, one of the best phones to buy in 2022

The Galaxy Z Flip3 is being marketed as a fashion statement, and while the looks and relative novelty of the form factor remain its main selling points, it’s not entirely devoid of practicality. When folded, it will fit in places normal phones won’t (though, admittedly it may not be the best for tight-fitting jeans), and when unfolded, it’ll greet you with one of the best displays around, foldable or otherwise. It’s also water-resistant and comes with improved materials all around

Here are some honorable mentions of the best phones to buy in 2022

Samsung fold 3

Xiaomi mi 11 lite

Xiaomi poco F3

Motorola moto G40 fusion

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