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Best of the best Pro Phones 2021 awards

Pros will always want to be unique. They want the best in most of the time-specific niches. For instance the best Camera phone or maybe the best gaming phone. Some just want the best battery life phones, while the nerds just want the smartest phones. here are the Best Pro Phones 2021

Here are the best of the best camera phones of 2021 that can serve you for 3 to 5 years into the future some of these phones are worth noting are best in specific sectors.

And just as the title of this article has slight repetition thus are some of the names of these phones so without further ado let’s get rolling.

Best Pro Camera Phone money can buy

The Design Of The Sony Xperia Pro-I Is Exposed In A Leak - Bullfrag

The designated “I” in the title says it all. It stands for imaging, making it clear what Sony prioritized when it developed the Xperia Pro-I. This is more like a point-and-shoot Alpha camera first and smartphone second, yet putting the two together does lead to inherent advantages over competitors.

Sony doesn’t even shy away from looking at it that way, suggesting it has the best smartphone camera on the market, anchored by the larger 1-inch image sensor inside.

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What competition is there for a smartphone that costs €1800/$1800, has a purposely designed (but optional, at an extra cost) add-on monitor, and a set of three separate applications that can shoot video with varying levels of functionality? There is no such thing as a market sector. This is not unexpected given that this smartphone comes from Sony’s ‘we’re doing our own thing’ division……. continue reading

  • No-nonsense design, high-end build, IP65/IP68 rating.
  • The ridged frame is very grippy, the lanyard eyelet is a nice touch, the extra controls can be useful.
  • Headphone jack and microSD slot are particularly appreciated on this one, given its intended use.
  • The advanced photo and video capture apps are a boon if you know what you’re doing – and you probably do if you’re after the Pro-I.
  • The camera system has great underlying potential, it just takes a bit of post processing to get the best results and the target audience will be happy with that.
  • We can’t approve of the ‘1.0-inch type sensor’ marketing, when the phone clearly only uses a portion of it.
  • The shutter release button lacks a clearly defined half-press point, is very sensitive, gets in the way occasionally.
  • The display’s maximum brightness isn’t as high as on the best in business, the 4K resolution is good for bragging rights but hard to really appreciate.
  • Battery life is below average.
  • The selfie camera is a bit of a relic.
  • Main camera video quality isn’t up to scratch.
  • The vlog monitor lacks touch input and a playback option, the grip’s controls are limited.

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best Pro Gaming Phones

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2. Best Pro gaming Phone ASUS ROG PHONE 5

Asus is the undisputed king of smartphone gaming. That is still true after four generations of the ROG Phone series.

Asus has already introduced more costly ROG 5s and 5s Pro versions based on the Snapdragon 888+ chipset, but they are more expensive, create more heat, which may translate to throttling, and we believe the original ROG 5 is still the one to choose.

The ROG Phone 5 is a genuine powerhouse in every sense of the word – a phone designed purely to give the finest gaming experience possible, with any other worry or consideration taking a second seat. It just so happens that when you build an outstanding gaming flagship, you generally wind up with an excellent all-around gadget with a lot of appeal outside of gaming.



  • No longer backwards compatible with most ROG Phone II or 3 accessories. Available accessory ecosystem is significantly smaller than on previous models
  • New AeroActive Cooler 5 and side connector designs are fragile and worse than their predecessors
  • No water or dust resistance
  • No microSD

3. Best Pro Battery life – iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you need a phone that’s ready to go no many tweaks and stuff then the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a great alternative.

iPhone 13 pro review

The iPhone 13 Pro is one of the greatest smartphones of 2021, even if it doesn’t do enough to justify upgrading from the 12 Pro. The battery life of Apple’s Pro iPhone is the finest we’ve seen, and you also get top-tier performance, a fantastic camera package, and a super-smooth 120Hz screen. While none of the 2021 changes are very significant on their own, when combined, they provide a superb smartphone experience.



  • Stale looks, the notch should have been gone by now.
  • An absolute unit of a phone, 240g is a lot and a case doesn’t make it smaller or lighter.
  • 120Hz refresh rate not widely available in third-party apps at launch.
  • The chipset is prone to heavy throttling under max load.
  • The fast charging isn’t very fast.
  • iOS (with its limitations) remains a love it or leave it affair.

The best iPhone to date isn’t without flaws. It has recycled design elements and an eyesore of a notch, and it weighs the equivalent of a phone and a half. The early implementation of the high refresh rate isn’t terrific, the behemoth that is the A15 chipset throttles a lot, and Apple still has work to do to put any meaning behind ‘rapid’ in its ‘fast charging’ boasts. Then there’s the issue of iOS, which will always be a deal-breaker for some.

best Pro phones

4. Best Pro Design Samsung S21 Ultra

s21 ultra

The first S20 Ultra was meant to be the largest galaxy to date, but it’s been short of that. You could experience a refresh rate of 120Hz, but only at a lower 1080p resolution. The telephoto camera was marketed as 5x, but it was only 4x, and let’s not even deal with the Space Zoom. The ultra-wide camera had a decent sensor, but due to lack of autofocus, it couldn’t make macro images. The battery was huge, but the life of the battery was weak. You’re getting the idea.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra absolutely deserves its Ultra insignia. It has the best OLED screen with a Wacom layer at that, the most powerful hardware, one of the largest batteries, good stereo speakers, and a pretty advanced camera system. We were thoroughly impressed by the screen performance. The battery endurance, like the UI and the S-Pen features. And soo many good photos and videos saved by the various snappers.

Best Pro Phones


  • The best OLED screen, 1000+nits, 1440p, 120Hz, HDR10+, S-Pen.
  • Phenomenal fingerprint scanner performance.
  • Outstanding battery life, fast to top-up the 5,000mAh battery.
  • Stereo speakers with good loudness.
  • The fastest Android chipset, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Ultra-Wide Band.
  • OneUI is super smooth, clutter-free, S-Pen support.
  • The daylight photos are good across the board even if a bit overprocessed.
  • The selfies are excellent.
  • The 4K30 videos are great.


  • Somewhat bulky and slippery.
  • The image processing needs further refinements.
  • We don’t miss the microSD slot, but some of you might.
  • No charger, no headphones in the box.
  • Uses different chipsets in different regions.

5. Best Camera Phone – Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra

The MI 11 Ultra is not trying to be a good phone but it’s trying to be the best phone money can buy.

And from the box, it’s nothing extraordinary but the good thing is it comes with everything inside the box. This is not something normal these days with flagship smartphones. With a 67W fast charger and 67W wireless charging.

Okay let’s make it clear this design is not going to be acceptable by everyone, and Xiaomi knows that and have shown the phone to some people and the answer ranges from

“this the coolest smartphone have ever seen to instead of having the biggest camera bump why not increase the battery size”

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is the ultimate camera phone. It takes images and video as well as or better than any rival and will only improve if Xiaomi unlocks the full capacity of the rear display. One of the Best Pro phones

It’s not just the camera, however. Perhaps the phone’s sheer size is the deciding factor because the rest is hard to blame – a fantastic monitor, some of the best speakers, decent battery life and quick charging, and a posh ceramic construction ensure there is no room for compromise. Depending on where you live, the Mi 11 Ultra is either a true bargain or a good value for money.  We’d recommend it either way.


  • Attractive curved-screen design, premium build with a ceramic back, and IP68 rating.
  • The 6.81″ OLED is thoroughly impressive – 1440p 120Hz, bright and color accurate.
  • Rear display has great potential.
  • Battery endurance is good for the class, blazing-fast charging.
  • Great stereo speakers.
  • MIUI 12 is one refined UI.
  • Industry-leading photo and video quality across the board.


  • It’s one of the heaviest handsets on the market, camera bump isn’t exactly handsome.
  • Under-utilized rear display – seemingly arbitrary restrictions limit its usefulness.
  • Has a tendency to overheat under stress testing (not so much in real-world use).

6. Smartest Phone – Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro Review | PCMag

The Pixel 6 Pro competes directly with higher-end smartphones but slightly undercuts them in price with its $899 starting price.  Best Camera phones 2021

Google has been overdue for a changeup with the Pixel line, and it has been satisfied with the Pixel 6 Pro. The phone looks beautiful, the cameras have finally been updated, and Android is as good as ever with Android 12. In addition, Google has promised up to 5 years of software support including three years of OS updates and 5 years of security patches.

The cameras are extremely capable with deep colors and well-defined details, even so, we still think it could use a couple of tweaks. HDR+ seems more aggressive than it needs to be, thus making images look slightly overprocessed and sharper than true life. There’s also some inconsistency in color between the main and ultra-wide cameras. The resulting images, regardless, are indeed pleasing to look at. The video sees much improvement as well, with excellent dynamic range and great stabilization. We just wish there was a way to use the 4X zoom camera in lower resolution modes, but we think this may be a bug.

best pro phones you can buy


  • Gorgeous hardware design with IP68 and durable Gorilla Glass Victus all over
  • Excellent display with 120Hz and great sunlight legibility
  • Beautiful UI with fun and colorful elements; extended firmware update support (3 years OS, 5 years security); newly enabled Voice Typing and on-device voice to text processing are excellent
  • Google Tensor chip offers great all-around performance and excellent graphics performance
  • Pixel camera sees much needed improvements in still images and video; excellent shots from 4X periscope camera


  • Battery life misses expectations
  • No charger included in the box
  • 30W charging is not the quickest
  • HDR+ is too aggressive in still images and could use some tweaks
  • Color tuning inconsistent between main and ultrawide cameras
  • Google Tensor chip throttles under sustained peak performance
  • Limited availability

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