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Apple Releases iPadOS 15: A Look at the New Features

Apple announced iPadOS 15, the company’s next-generation iPad operating system, which includes a number of new features such as widgets on the Home Screen, an iPhone-style App Library, improved multi-tasking abilities, and more. Here’s a summary of things to look forward to.


iPadOS 15 allows users to add widgets anywhere on their Home Screen pages and among their apps, just like iOS 14.

On the iPad, widgets will be offered in a new bigger style that makes greater use of the larger displays available, making presenting media more entertaining. Find My, Contacts, Game Center, Mail, and the App Store all get new iPad widgets.

App Library

App Library, which launched in iOS 14 as well, will soon be available on iPad, allowing users to arrange their apps into categories such as Productivity, Games, and Recently Added. The App Library is integrated into the Dock, so users can access it with a single tap. Users may also hide and reorganize their Home screen pages using the App Library.


Multitasking is also improved in iPadOS 15, with a new multitasking menu that allows users to select between full screen, Split View, and Slide Over.

In Split View, for example, you can swipe down to replace an app on each side of the screen with a new one, and the same goes for applications with multiple windows.

Meanwhile, a new Shelf display allows you to see all of the open windows for any program. For example, in Split View, you can see many active Safari windows, including windows that are linked with other programs, for a quick overview.

For these new multitasking iPad features, Apple is also providing new key shortcuts. With new keyboard shortcuts for multitasking, users can easily set up and move between Split View and Slide Over.


When it comes to taking notes on the iPad, the Notes app now supports tags. With an all-new Tag Browser and tag-based Smart Folders, it will be simpler to classify notes and find them fast.

Improvements in cooperation and organizing are also on the horizon for users. You may tag people in shared notes with mentions, for example, and they’ll get a notification. A tag may be added to any note and found using the tag browser.

There’s also a new Quick Notes function, which allows you to scribble notes quickly on your iPad or Mac, then see and modify them on your iPhone. Users can pull up Quick Note anyplace to scribble down an idea and add links, giving a simple method to go back to exactly what they were looking at, whether they’re browsing in Safari or looking for a restaurant on Yelp.


Users will be able to share experiences with friends on FaceTime with SharePlay, such as listening to music together with Apple Music, watching a TV show or movie in sync, or sharing their screen to see applications together.

Users may play, pause, or move forward using shared playback controls, and they may extend playback to Apple TV and watch it on their TV while sharing the experience with friends and family over FaceTime. Users will be able to share their screens with others using SharePlay.


Safari will get a new tab design that will allow users to view more of the page when browsing. Tabs, the toolbar, and the search box are all combined into a single, compact design in the new tab bar, which matches the color of the website.

Tab Groups, on the other hand, provide a new way to save and manage related tabs. Tab Groups also sync across Mac and iPhone. Allowing you to work on the same project on various platforms or share numerous tabs with friends and family. Safari on iPad now supports web extensions, which will be available for download through the App Store.


Apple is launching a new Focus feature with iPadOS 15, Which seeks to help users avoid distractions and focus on a single task. Focus does this by filtering alerts based on your current activity.

You may use your smartphone to help you be more present at the moment. By establishing a personalized Focus or picking one that is suggested based on the situation. Such as while you’re at work or getting ready for bed. It’s also possible to construct Home Screen pages with applications and widgets that only display relevant applications. And limit temptation by applying them to periods of attention.

A new notification summary, meanwhile, seeks to provide an ordered collection of alerts. That may be given at any time of day. Such as in the morning and evening, making it easier to keep up with the day’s activities.

Live Text

A new Live Text feature recognizes text in photos and allows you to interact with it. A picture of a storefront displaying a phone number and the ability to call is one example provided by Apple. According to Apple, Live Text will also function with handwritten text. Meanwhile, you may use Visual Look Up to identify things in a snapshot. Such as a flower kind of a dog breed.

Other Features

  • Spotlight will also be able to search the Photographs app and online pictures. Providing results for contacts with information like recent chats, shared photos, and their location if shared through Find My.
  • The Translate app will be available for the first time on iPad with iPadOS 15. The Translate app recognizes when and in what language you’re speaking and instantly translates it for you. Meanwhile, the system-wide translation feature works in any application, including Live Text.
  • Memories is a new update to the Photos app that includes a new design. A more immersive and interactive interface, and integration with Apple Music. Which utilizes on-device intelligence to customize song choices and bring memories to life.
  • iPadOS 15 will also have Universal Control. Which allows you to travel between iPad and Mac using a single mouse and keyboard. With no additional setup necessary.
  • Swift Playgrounds, on the other hand, is getting the ability to develop iPad apps. With enhanced code completion, additional libraries, tutorials, and even the option to publish your project directly to the App Store.
  • Starting today, Apple Developer Program members may download the developer preview of iPadOS 15. And a public beta will be available to iPadOS users next month.

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