Apple is said to be targeting car production with new battery technology by 2024

According to a recent report from Reuters, Apple plans to launch an autonomous vehicle by 2024. Two people “familiar with the matter” clarify that Apple has made enough strides on tech to create an autonomous car. Approximately 200 workers of Project Titan have been laid off by Apple in early 2019 primarily to concentrate on apps.

One person who once worked on Project Titan said, “If there’s one business on the planet who has the money to do it, it’s probably Apple. But it’s not a cellphone at the same time,” he said.

The automobile supply chain is not as easy as it is for a business like Apple. As a result, the company could wind up designing an autonomous driving system that will then be fitted to partner cars. It is still not clear if there will be an Apple-branded vehicle or if the device would actually bear the Apple logo.

The revolutionary battery technology dubbed “nanocell” would power these cars, the new batteries would take up less space, and the chemical composition would be different. Apple is said to be looking at LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) which will be less vulnerable to overheating vs. lithium-ion batteries. New batteries will also theoretically provide longer ranges for these cars.

As with the stand-alone device, lidar sensors will be included, as they are now used on the recent iPhone 12 Pro Max and the next generation of iPad Pro models. Various sensors can be used to track objects at various distances. It is said that either Apple or an outside company will supply these sensors to Apple.

The study notes that Apple plans to have a product ready for 2024, but the global health crisis has the potential to postpone the project. Again, whether this is an Apple-branded car or an actual vehicle brand (or even a separate sub-brand?) device is still unclear. Apple has refused to comment on its plans and upcoming items.



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